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2020's Pandemic

So, this is definitely a topic that I'm pretty sure everyone is exhausted from, but we all have to admit 2020 is definitely turning out to be a year that many of us will never forget. Many people were excited to begin this year because it was to be filled with new job opportunities, graduations from high school and college, and summer adventures that will stand as the epitome of our youth. Now a lot of that is not going to physically happen.

The first confirmed case of the Covid-19 virus in America appeared on January 21st of this year. During that time people were still interacting as though nothing had changed while deaths in China were steadily increasing. The whole time though, American citizens were not informed of the crisis at hand. A lot of the impacts were being hidden from the public to not cause fear, but it happened anyway. People everywhere have panicked due to this global crisis and this has shown itself in people buying excessive amounts of food and cleaning products due to the forced stay-at home order that majority of the world has been on during this time. While this is completely understandable, it is hard to take precaution against a virus that can often infect people and show no symptoms. According to Jarmila Razova, the head hygienist of the Czech Republic, 40% of people with the virus show absolutely no symptoms at all. Due to this fact, it is extremely easy for the virus to spread to people are who at a higher risk of perishing from Covid-19. Although this is a very difficult time for the whole world, I think it is important that people follow instructions and stay calm so that we can find a new normal. For all we know, wearing masks and being uncomfortable with human interaction is what we have to look forward to in the following years. It might be our new normal.

There is a lot of anger surrounding this pandemic because many people feel as though action could have been taken earlier. Not only could something have been done at an appropriate time, but the population of America was barely told anything about the virus so we could not take precautions of our own. Majority of this anger is aimed at the current President of the United States. While the actual deaths and estimated deaths of American citizens began to rise, he made several statements, and obviously tweeted, that the virus was under control in this country, when that was furthest from the truth. He kept the severity of the virus a secret and that alone led to many of the deaths that have occurred and this infuriated the whole country. No one is completely sure when this will be over or when we will no longer have to follow quarantine orders, but all we can do is stay strong. As long as we follow rules, protect ourselves, and take precautions, we can all find a way towards our new normal.

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